Annual PINK & BLUE Campaigns

The TFOA is proud to demonstrate our continued participation in the “PINK CAMPAIGN.” Through the month of October each season, our on field officials will be using pink flags, whistles and lanyards to support the fight against breast cancer as well as promoting an elevated awareness of related health issues facing women and their families.
In combination with the above effort, our members also wanted to find away to participate in the “MOVEMBER CAMPAIGN”. In November our officials will switch to using light blue flags, whistles and lanyards to raise awareness to men’s health issues and the fight against prostate cancer.
The TFOA would like to thank Dave Foxcroft and Fox40 for the donation of the whistles and lanyards that will be used during both of our “campaigns”. Also, thanks goes out to Honig’s Whistle Stop (Canada) Ltd. and Herman Murphy for expediting the manufacturing of all the flags that will be used during the above mentioned dates. To both Dave and Herman, thank you for your participation in our efforts.”